Myron Sarraccino

Myron Sarracino is one of the top award-winning Pueblo potters, actively handcrafting pottery since 1984. Indian art judges have showered Myron with prize ribbons that include Best of Show and Best in Traditional Pottery....

Juanita C. Fragua

Juanita C. Fragua was born in 1935, and has been actively crafting pottery since 1950. She is known for stone-polished tanware swirl pots, some with decorative polychrome elements...

Hubert Candelario

Hubert Candelario of San Felipe Pueblo was born November 2, 1965 to Angelina and Phillip Candelario. He is a self-taught artist who began making pottery in the late 1980s, perfecting his craft through years of hard work and dedication...

Natalie Sandia

Natalie Sandia from Jemez Pueblo has long been creating highly polished pieces of pottery with finely detailed designs, and uses all-natural clays gathered from her Pueblo’s land...

Clarence Cruz

Clarence Cruz is a traditional pottery artist who incorporates incised designs in the typical Ohkay Owingeh micaceous clay styles. He is known for using traditional methods to make authentic museum-quality pottery, and for teaching pottery-making to students of all backgrounds...

Carolyn Concho

Carolyn Lewis Concho (b. 1961) is from a renowned family of Acoma potters, and is one of the famed five Lewis Sisters of Acoma. She has been making pottery since 1984, using traditional methods...

Carmel Lewis

Carmel Lewis was born into the Acoma Sky City Pueblo in 1947. She is one of the daughters of the world-renowned, late Lucy M. Lewis. Lucy was Carmel’s biggest inspiration for learning the ancient traditional methods of working with natural handmade pottery...

Dolores Lewis Garcia

Garcia believes it is important to preserve her cultural heritage and the spiritual quality of pottery-making by using traditional techniques and designs. She follows the traditional practice of grinding potsherds into her clay, which gives her vessels a spiritual quality...

Bernice Suazo-Naranjo

Bernice Suazo-Naranjo is originally from Taos Pueblo, and married to Tito Naranjo of Santa Clara Pueblo. She is a sister-in-law of Jody Folwell and Nora Naranjo-Morse...

Eric Louis

Eric Louis is a young, up-and-coming artist from the Pueblo of Acoma, “Sky City.” he is a 4th generation potter who learned the traditional ways of potting from his mother, Corrine, and his father, Gary. He utilizes all-natural paints and clay gathered from within the Pueblo of Acoma...

Lisa Holt & Harlan Reano

Lisa Holt (Cochiti Pueblo) and Harlan Reano (Santo Domingo/Kewa Pueblo) have been creating pottery together since 1999. Holt is of Cochiti Pueblo heritage on her mother’s side and comes from an illustrious family of artists, including her uncle Virgil Ortiz. She learned the art of pottery from her mother, Inez Ortiz, and her grandmother, well-known Cochiti potter Seferina Ortiz...

Helen Bird

Helen Bird is a renowned Santo Domingo potter who makes elegant vessels in the traditional Santo Domingo style. She was introduced to the art when she was 12 years old by her great-aunt, who brought her along to gather clay from a special hill in their village...

Carol G. Lucero Gachupin

Carol G. Lucero Gachupin (b. 1958) is a well-known Jemez Pueblo potter who learned the art from her mother, Margaret Lucero, and acclaimed pottery artist Marie Romero. Carol loved to draw as a kid, and attended drawing classes after school led by renowned artist Alfred “Al” Momaday, father of N. Scott Momaday, Ph.D., the first Native American to win a Pulitzer Prize for literature.

Denise Chavarria

Denise Chavarria is a traditional Pueblo from Santa Clara Pueblo

Carlos Laate

Carlos Laate is an award-winning potter from Zuni Pueblo known for traditional Zuni motifs and owl figurines

Percy and Charlotte Reano

Percy and Charlotte Reano are a Husband and wife duo from Santo Domingo known for exquisite Inlay and Heishi jewelry

Martha Romero

Martha Romero is a renowned potter from the Pueblo of Nambé

Mary and Gerald Calabaza

Mary and Gerard Calabaza are a husband and wife duo from Santo Domingo Pueblo known for handcrafting exquisite heishi jewelry

Fannie Loretto

Fannie Loretto is a contemporary potter from Jemez Pueblo known for her clay masks, sculptures, polychrome figurines, and acting!

Aric Chopito

Aric Chopito is a traditional Pueblo weaver from Zuni Pueblo. He creates sashes, back capes, belts and more.

Fernando Padilla, Jr.

Internationally renowned San Felipe Pueblo / Navajo artist, specializing in painting, pastels, mixed media, bronze, and jewelry.

Robin Teller

Potter from Isleta Pueblo. One of 5 artists who created travel mugs for Starbucks at Avanyu Plaza and known for unbelievably intricate eye dazzling designs.

Patricia Lowden

Traditional and Contemporary Potter from Acoma Pueblo. One of 5 artists who created travel mugs for Starbucks at Avanyu Plaza and known for unbelievably intricate eye dazzling designs.

Frederica Antonio

Traditional and Contemporary Potter from Acoma Pueblo. One of 5 artists who created travel mugs for Starbucks at Avanyu Plaza and known for unbelievably intricate eye dazzling designs.

Elizabeth Medina

Traditional and Contemporary Pottery from Zia Pueblo. One of 5 artists who created travel mugs for Starbucks at Avanyu Plaza and the NM Gildan Bowl Trophy with her husband, Marcellus Medina (Zia).

Erik Fender Than Tsideh

Award-winning Potter & Silversmith from San Ildefonso Pueblo. One of 5 artists who created travel mugs for Starbucks at Avanyu Plaza. Known for innovative color addtions to his black on black, two-tone, and polychrome pottery.

Robert "Spooner" Marcus

Contemporary glass artist from Ohkay Owingeh Pueblo known for incorporating Pueblo pottery designs and styles into his unique glass work

George Toya

George Toya is a Award-winning Painter, Musician, Artist, Farmer from Jemez Pueblo

Pam Lujan-Hauer

Pam Lujan-Hauer is an award-winning Taos Pueblo potter known for traditional and contemporary hand-coiled pottery

Shane Hendren

Shane Hendren is an award-winning Navajo silversmith known for high-end contemporary jewelry pieces that incorporate traditional Navajo designs and symbols.

Cliff Fragua

Cliff Fragua of Jemez Pueblo is an internationally acclaimed sculptor known for his graceful work in stone and bronze. His marble statue of Popé, the leader of the Pueblo Revolt of 1680, is the only work by a Native American artist in the Capitol Building’s National Statuary Hall.

Ken Romero

A member of Taos and Laguna Pueblo, Ken Romero is a contemporary jewelry artist known for his gemstone artistry and cutting-edge designs. He creates innovative works of wearable art in his signature inlay style.
Robert Tenorio

Robert Tenorio

Robert Tenorio (b. 1950) of Santo Domingo (Kewa Pueblo) is one of the foremost Pueblo potters working today and has played an extremely important role in reviving and bringing attention to the legacy of Santo Domingo pottery. He first learned the fundamentals of working with clay at the age of ten from family members, including his grandmother Andrew Ortiz. 
Jimmy Calabaza

Jimmy Calabaza

Jimmy Calabaza, also known by his Native name Ca’win, is a highly skilled jewelry artist from Santo Domingo Pueblo. He is known for his expertise in lapidary work as well as for making his own gemstone beads. He is one of few artists working today who still cuts, shapes and polishes all of his gemstones by hand.
Vangie Tafoya

Vangie Tafoya

Vangie Tafoya (Jemez/San Ildefonso) comes from a distinguished pottery family and is a relative of legendary potter Maria Martinez. She is known for her elegant stone polished redware that often features intricate sgraffito designs...
Brenda Tafoya

Brenda Tafoya

As a child, Brenda Tafoya of Jemez Pueblo watched in awe as her mother, famed potter Vangie Tafoya, created delicate sgraffito vessels in the family home. At 10 years old, she began creating her own simple bowls and since then has become an expert potter herself.
Fritz Casuse

Fritz Casuse

Fritz Casuse is an award-winning Navajo jeweler known for his highly complex handcrafted masterpieces. He is also a sculptor and brings this expertise to his jewelry-making.
Kenneth Johnson

Kenneth Johnson

Kenneth Johnson is a Muscogee/Seminole jewelry designer and metalsmith known for his sophisticated work in copper, silver, gold, platinum and palladium. His signature style of contemporary jewelry incorporates Southeastern motifs and the melding of old and new methods and techniques.
Chris Pruitt

Chris Pruitt

Chris Pruitt is an Apache/Laguna silversmith who's known for a contemporary style of jewelry with a traditional touch.
Duane Maktima

Duane Maktima

Duane Maktima, Laguna Pueblo/Hopi, is a Master Jeweler known for using rare & exotic gems in his one-of-a-Kind jewelry creations.
R. Carlos Nakai

Gerald Lomaventema

Award-winning Hopi silversmith, Gerald Lomaventema creates one of a kind works that are in high demand both stateside and overseas.
R. Carlos Nakai

R. Carlos Nakai

R. Carlos Nakai (Navajo and Ute) is the world's premier performer of the Native American flute. He has released more then 50 Albums and been nominated for a Grammy 8 times. He is the first American Indian artist to achieve a platinum certification playing Native American music. 
Jennifer Medina

Jennifer Medina

Jennifer Medina is an award-winning contemporary jewelry artist from Kewa (Santo Domingo) Pueblo. She is known for her unique style of silversmithing, handcrafting one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces with extremely high-quality turquoise and gemstones.
Stephanie Medina

Stephanie Medina

Stephanie Medina of Kewa (Santa Domingo) Pueblo comes from a renowned family of jewelers. She is known for her extraordinary mosaic inlay and lapidary work and has built upon the legacy of her mother and grandmother while adding her own vision and contemporary touches.
Therese Tohtsoni-Prudencio

Therese Tohtsoni-Prudencio

Therese Tohtsoni-Prudencio is one of very few artists from Picuris Pueblo who are still creating museum-quality, traditional pottery, an art she learned from her mother, Irene Simbolo. She creates her own clay by hand using the micaceous clay found in northern New Mexico.
Ricardo Caté

Ricardo Caté

Ricardo Caté of Santo Domingo Pueblo is the only Native American cartoonist whose work is carried by a daily mainstream newspaper. His immensely popular cartoon “Without Reservations” is published daily in the Santa Fe New Mexican and explores the irony and poignant humor found in the Native American experience of living in dominant culture.


Yellowman is a renowned Navajo artist who has been painting for over 50 years. He comes from a family of weavers and beadworkers and has been drawing and painting since he was a child.

Tammy Bellson

Tammy Bellson is a contemporary Zuni potter who creates remarkable handcrafted pots, often with her signature raised lizard and frog design. She primarily works in black-on-white and reddish-brown polychrome styles.

Michael Kirk

Michael Kirk is an internationally renowned jewelry artist of Isleta Pueblo and Navajo descent. A pioneer in the Native American jewelry world, he is known for his contemporary one-of-a-kind gold and silver pieces that use high quality gemstones.

Ellouise Padilla

Ellouise Padilla is an acclaimed jewelry maker from Santo Domingo Pueblo, known for her one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces, reversible pendant necklaces and couture interpretation of the ancient art of heishi. Padilla’s jewelry is collected around the world for its versatility and feminine style.

Pat Pruitt

Pat Pruitt is a contemporary jewelry artist of Laguna, Chiricahua Apache and Anglo descent who is known for using innovative materials, design and fabrication techniques. He has developed a distinctive style of stainless steel jewelry that challenges notions of what Native American jewelry is.

Ernest Rangel

Ernest Rangel is an award-winning Navajo silversmith from Gallup, New Mexico known for his dramatic and sometimes rugged jewelry styles. He often uses the traditional tufa casting method and creates both traditional and contemporary designs.

Michelle Tsosie Sisneros

Michelle Tsosie Sisneros is a highly regarded contemporary artist of Santa Clara, Navajo and Laguna descent. She is primarily a painter but also creates innovative handcrafted jewelry and pottery, drawing from traditional themes.