Patricia Lowden

  • Award-winning Potter
  • Acoma Pueblo
  • Anasazi revival black-on-white and traditional Acoma pots.

Patricia was born in 1960 into the Acoma Sun Clan. She is the great-granddaughter of Lupe Chavez; granddaughter of Jessie Garcia; p. granddaughter of Andrea Lowden; daughter of Anita Garcia Lowden; niece of Marcus Garcia, Chester Garcia, Lori Garcia, Tina Garcia and Stella Shutiva; and sister of Jerilyn Emanuel. Patricia is known for her anasazi revival black-on-white and traditional pots.

Patricia Lowden is one of five Pueblo potters who honored the Starbucks at Avanyu Plaza upon its grand opening in 2015 by crafting a custom “Starbucks-style” clay mug. The one-of-a-kind piece is on permanent display in the cafe for visitors to enjoy, alongside four others by artists Erik Fender (San Ildefonso), Robin Teller (Isleta), Elizabeth Medina (Zia), and Frederica Antonio (Acoma).

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