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Hubert Candelario

  • San Felipe Pueblo Potter
  • Known Sculptural-Swirl Melon Pots
  • Artwork is Shown in Many Museums
  • 1st Place SWAIA
  • Shown in Denver Art Museum 
  • Won Multiple Awards

Hubert Candelario of San Felipe Pueblo was born November 2, 1965 to Angelina and Phillip Candelario. He is a self-taught artist who began making pottery in the late 1980s, perfecting his craft through years of hard work and dedication.

Hubert was inspired by the skill and works of famed San Ildefonso Pueblo potter Maria Martinez. He gathers and prepares his clay the traditional way, but prefers to fire the pottery in a kiln for a more even finish. He is well-known for his carved sculptural-swirl melon pots.

Hubert’s work has evolved with daring and dramatic geometric forms, including spiral pots with ribs within rib.