Ricardo Caté

  • Renowned cartoonist
  • Santo Domingo Pueblo
  • Known for wry, poignant humor
  • Only Native American cartoonist carried in daily mainstream newspaper
  • SWAIA-Santa Fe Indian Market Artist
  • IFAM-Indigenous Fine Arts Market Artist
  • “Without Reservations” runs daily in the Santa Fe New Mexican

Ricardo Caté of Santo Domingo Pueblo is the most prominent Native American cartoonist working today. His immensely popular cartoon “Without Reservations” is published daily in the Santa Fe New Mexican and explores the irony and poignant humor found in the Native American experience of living in dominant culture. Caté is the only Native American cartoonist whose work is carried by a daily mainstream newspaper. Many of his comics are included in his extraordinary book “Without Reservations: The Cartoons of Ricardo Caté.” In addition to being a cartoonist, Caté is also a filmmaker, teacher and standup comedian. He has three children and lives in Santo Domingo Pueblo, where he participates in feast day dances and traditional cultural events.