Aric Chopito Zuni Weaver

Natalie Sandia

  • Known for Highly Polished Pottery
  • Detailed Designs 
  • Daughter of Geraldine Sandia

Natalie Sandia from Jemez Pueblo has long been creating highly polished pieces of pottery with finely detailed designs, and uses all-natural clays gathered from her pueblo’s land.

Natalie learned pottery-making from her mother, the renowned Geraldine Sandia. Natalie’s father, Wilbert Sandia, was also a potter, and the two of them would drive around the U.S. selling and delivering their family’s pottery.

A pottery shape referred to as “genie vases” is what Natalie is best-known for producing. She is of the Eagle Clan, and feather motifs regularly feature in her designs.