Andrew Thomas takes us on tours of cultural traditions here in the Southwest.

Interview with Brenda & Vangie Tafoya June 19 2015, 0 Comments

Andrew's interview with renowned Potters, Vangie Tafoya (Jemez/San Ildefonso) & daughter Brenda Tafoya (Jemez) Watch Now >

Andrew Thomas on the Flute June 02 2015, 0 Comments

Connecting with people of all cultures and sharing the musical language of the flute.  Watch Now >

Spider Woman's Legacy & Spider Man's Lore April 21 2015, 3 Comments

Spider Woman's Legacy & Spider Man's Lore. Watch Andrew Thomas, Native Art Expert explore Navajo Rugs.

Pueblo Pottery Symbolism from A to Z with Andrew Thomas, Native American Art Expert January 22 2015, 0 Comments

Watch Andrew Thomas, Native Art Expert explain Pueblo Pottery Symbolism from A to Z using examples from our own pottery collection. 

Art & Function: Micaceous Clay Pueblo Pottery December 04 2014, 0 Comments

Andrew Thomas

Native American arts expert Andrew Thomas introduces us to handmade micaceous clay pottery, the only functional type of Pueblo pottery...

Legacies in Pottery August 20 2014, 0 Comments

Any time I think of Acoma pottery what comes to mind first is polychrome pottery, high shouldered thin walled vessels created in the horizontal coil method. Over the years this style has changed and grown, from the tools the artists are using, materials and even the way pots are being fired. Traditionally, the old method of firing is done outside in an open kiln verses an electric kiln which is being used more and more today in the modern method of firing pottery. I have a fond memory of meeting Lucy Lewis in the early 90’s.