Southwestern Pottery Anasazi to Zuni

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$ 29.95

  • Southwestern Pottery may be the most entertaining book you read this year. It’s an art book, a history book, and a reference book that is fun to read and beautiful to look at. Showing more than eleven hundred pots, there isn’t a more complete Southwestern pottery guide. One hundred and forty color photographs show, as nearly as possible, “one of each.” Tracing the art from its beginnings almost two thousand years ago to the present and showing pieces from every pottery-producing tribal group in the Southwest - Yuman to Hopi to Taos to Casas Grandes - it is the book the authors wished they had when the pottery bug first bit them. With humor and plenty of good sense, Al Hayes and John Blom explain what to look for when buying a pot, how much to pay, and when and how to trade.

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