Songs of Indian Flute Volume 1

Item No: 27941

$ 17.99

  • Solo Native American flute pieces by Taos Pueblo musician, John Rainer, Jr. that are similar in style to Carlos Nakai. Pieces are from various tribes such as Pueblo, Crow and Sioux. Rainer, Jr. was also known for making his own handcrafted flutes.
    • Artist: John Rainer
    • Format: Audio CD
    • Number of discs: 1
    • Original release date: 1996
  • Known for its distinctive sound, the Native American flute produces music that is plaintive, soulful and haunting. Native Americans have been making flutes for thousands of years. Anasazi flutes made of bone and wood have been dated to as early as 700 A.D. Today Native American flutes are made from cane, hardwood or soft wood. The Plains style wood flute is the most commonly made and used type of Native American flute and is what most people associate with the form. Most Native American flutes have an air chamber that is separate from the sound chamber, making them one of the easiest flutes to play and an excellent choice for novice flute musicians. Fingering and voicing varies widely between flutes as artists are interested in creating a unique sound rather than a standard instrument. In the last three decades, Native American flute music has gained a large audience, propelled in large part by the work of R. Carlos Nakai, a Grammy award-winning flute musician of Navajo and Ute descent. Today, flute music connects both musicians and audiences to an ancient art form and the creativity and evolving traditions of Native American cultures.
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