Sally Black Large Navajo Creation Story Basket

Item No: 6328

$ 5,000.00 $ 6,500.00

  • An exquisite example of a centuries-old Navajo craft, this sophisticated basket was handcrafted by Sally Black, one of the most innovative and well-known basket makers working today. Its design depicts Ni’hodilhil, the First World in the Navajo creation story. According to legend, the First World was filled with blackness and framed by four columns of cloud; First Man and First Woman formed where the clouds’ edges met. This basket’s imagery was created by hand-weaving all-natural plant fibers, including white yucca fibers and yellow and brown willow fibers. The artist is widely known for her incredible precision and her use of modern, innovative designs to convey age-old themes. This unique basket is an extraordinary work of fine art that will be appreciated by collectors of Native American arts and crafts.

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