Red Rock Roasters Roadrunner Coffee

Item No: 10616

$ 9.00


  • Roadrunner Blend is an invigorating combination of medium-roasted Indonesian, Central, and South American coffees. It has syrupy body, medium acidity, and notes of treacle. A 4 oz. airtight bag of ground coffee.

    Red Rock Roasters was founded in 1993 in a New Mexico family’s converted barn. For 20 years, they have sought to provide the freshest, highest-quality specialty coffee and select allied products. Red Rock Roasters works hard to roast the best green coffees on the market by hand with care and professionalism, and coffee roasting is a craft they take seriously.

    Red Rock Roasters provides local jobs with a living wage and benefits in a challenging economy, and sells Fair Trade USA-certified coffees while donating a portion of profits to various local, regional, and global causes.
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