Michael Laweka Corn Maiden Zuni Fetish

Item No: 30541

$ 500.00

  • Handcrafted by Zuni artist Michael Laweka, this beautifully sculptural fetish features the Corn Maiden, a powerful symbol for the Pueblo people. She holds a child at her side, a symbol of motherhood and fertility. Hand carved in antler, the elegant fetish is decorated with turquoise, coral and jet and is a lovely reminder of our connection to nature and the spirit world.

    • Handcrafted by Michael Laweka (Zuni)
    • Antler with accents of coral, turquoise and jet
    • Geode base
    • Traditional Corn Maiden Zuni Fetish
    • Fetish measures 7-1/2” x 2-3/4”
    • Comes with a signed Certificate of Authenticity

    Handcrafted works of Native American art require special care. For more information about proper care and cleaning, please read our Care Guide.

  • Michael Laweka is a master Zuni fetish carver known for his highly detailed and elegant fetishes. He hand carves animal and Corn Maiden figures from a variety of premium quality materials, including marble, alabaster and gemstones.
  • In Pueblo culture the Corn Maiden is a mythological figure who brought the Pueblo people the gift of corn. Because of the importance of her gift and the role corn plays in sustaining the Pueblo people, she is seen as a symbol of life in Pueblo art. She also represents strength, creation and wisdom and is often depicted wearing a traditional tablita headdress.
  • Fetishes are small carvings that depict animals or other important Native icons. Many tribes and Pueblos of the Southwest are known for making fetishes, but this ancient art form is most closely associated with the Zuni, who are considered the most skilled fetish carvers. Early Zuni fetishes were called Ahlashiwe, or stone ancients. Traditionally, they depict wolves, bears, mountain lions, eagles, frogs, rabbits, fish, corn maiden and other animals. The Zuni people believe that the skills and qualities of the animal reside in these fetishes and can bring some of the animals’ power to their keeper. They are often part of ceremonies and serve as a powerful connection to nature and the spirit world.

    Read our Native American Carvings Collector's Guide.
  • At Shumakolowa Native Arts, we guarantee that your purchase is an original and authentic work handcrafted by Native American artists as defined by the Indian Arts and Crafts Act of 1990. We ask our artists to complete an extensive certification process, providing a CIB (Certificate of Degree of Indian Blood) card and other documentation of their Native American heritage. Our team of experts carefully inspects every product to guarantee it is handcrafted using traditional, sustainable processes and natural materials of only the highest quality. We record the place and date of each purchase and pride ourselves in paying a fair price that allows artists to make a living practicing their craft. At a time when many commercially-made products are being sold as handcrafted Native American art, our in-depth purchase process allows us to guarantee the authenticity of every unique piece of fine art we offer. For more than 35 years, we have made it a priority to visit artists in their studio or home to purchase their latest handcrafted pieces and learn about their work. We have developed lasting relationships with artists, as well as dealers and collectors, and we take pride in being a trusted destination for fine Native American art.
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