Julia Pete Teec Nos Pos Navajo Rug

Item No: 31500

$ 5,100.00

  • Julia Pete’s Teec Nos Pos tapestry is an exquisite work of handcrafted art that will last for generations. Seen as one of the most complex of all Navajo weaving styles, Teec Nos Pos rugs are known for the intricacy and detail of their designs. Pete’s large-scale tapestry is a masterful work of art that pairs a vibrant palette of red, white, black, gray and brown with a stunningly detailed panel of designs. The panel includes corn, feather and cloud patterns, along with a cross at the center, which Navajo weavers include as a home for Spider Woman. The Navajo people believe Spider Woman taught them how to weave and live in harmony, and weaving is a medium in which the everyday merges with the spiritual. This incredible work showcases Pete’s mastery of the form and celebrates the artistic achievements of the Navajo people.

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