Frederica Antonio Contemporary Pottery Design Travel Mug

Item No: 6695

$ 25.00

  • A Shumakolowa Native Arts exclusive! This unique poly-resin replica designed for everyday use features an original pottery design by contemporary Acoma artist Frederica Antonio. Antonio specializes in fine hand painted pots and wedding vases with eye dazzling geometric designs. While the original clay piece is not for sale, this replica is a great gift idea and a meaningful way to bring Pueblo pottery designs into your everyday life.  

    Collect all five designs only available at Shumakolowa Native Arts.

    • Replica travel mug
    • Features original art by Frederica Antonio (Acoma Pueblo)
    • Cup measurements: 8-1/8" long x 2-7/8
    • 20 oz. double wall tumbler made of poly-resin
    • Manufactured in China, Printed in USA
    • Threaded drink-thru, spill resistant lid
    • BPA free, hand wash only
  • Frederica Antonio was born in 1968 into the Acoma Pueblo. Frederica was inspired to continue the long lived family tradition of making pottery by her mother-in-law, Mildred Antonio. Frederica developed an interest in pottery making while observing Mildred hand-coil and paint on her pottery. Mildred taught Frederica all the fundamentals of pottery making. Frederica began making pottery at the age of 18. Frederica specializes in contemporary hand coiled pottery with hand painted intricate eye dazzling designs. She fashions a brush from the stems of a yucca plant to paint her eye dazzling designs. She also paints using different colors of paint so the pottery gives you a unique three dimensional effect. She hand coils a variety of sizes and styles, every one of her pots is a one of a kind work of art; there are no two pieces alike.
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