Daughters of the Anasazi

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  • The legacy of Lucy Lewis, a well-renowned potter from Acoma Pueblo, is carried on by her daughters Emma and Dolores. Today Acoma pottery is made in much in the same way it was over 1,000 years ago. This insightful film documents the entire process, from digging the clay to the firing of the pots and features extraordinary examples of this ancient art form. Filmed on location in New Mexico, this program is a detailed exploration of the fine art of Acoma pottery.

    • Format: DVD
    • Studio: Film Project
    • Release Date: 1990
    • Run Time: 28 minutes
  • Lucy M. Lewis (1900-1992) of Acoma Pueblo is considered one of the matriarchs of Pueblo pottery. Along with Maria Martinez, she is probably the most famous Pueblo potter of the 20th century, known around the world for reviving 11th-century Mimbres style pottery, characterized by fine black lines painted on white slip. Lewis also made polychrome pottery of orange, black, yellow or brown designs on white slip, often with parrots, flowers, rainbows, stars or lightning patterns. Through her revolutionary advances in clay-making, design and craftsmanship, she revitalized handmade Pueblo pottery and brought worldwide attention to an ancient and revered art.
  • Acoma Pueblo has a tradition of pottery that stretches back centuries. Today, it is most known for a matte polychrome style of pottery featuring orange and black designs on a white background or black fine-line designs on a white background. This traditional style is widely sought after by Native art collectors and, in addition to its distinctive color scheme, can be identified by fluted rims, very thin walls and complex geometric designs. Acoma artists are known for the fineness of their pottery painting, often incorporating hatching patterns that symbolize rain as well as rain parrot designs, an animal that in Acoma legend led people to water. Lightning, clouds, rainbow bands and other elements of weather and nature are also popular designs. One of the most iconic and valuable pottery styles, Acoma pots represent a storied history of beauty and craftsmanship.
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