Cliff Fragua New Mexico Marble Bear Sculpture

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$ 485.00

  • This hand-sculpted bear from Jemez artist Cliff Fragua is an exquisite example of how he interprets traditional Pueblo pottery figurines through a contemporary medium. Bears are highly respected by Pueblo people, and often seen as a symbol of strength.

    This sculpture features New Mexico marble, French marble, and Greek marble, plus turquoise and coral ornaments, macaw feather, and turquoise heishi.

    This sculpture is an elegant piece of fine art that demonstrates Fragua's cutting-edge work and showcases his contributions to the contemporary Native American art community.
    • Figurine handcrafted by Cliff Fragua (Jemez Pueblo)
    • Tennessee marble, French marble and Greek marble with turquoise and coral ornaments and turquoise heishi
    • Bear figurine
    • Figurine measures 7-1/4” long x 2” wide x 6-1/4” high
    • Comes with a signed Certificate of Authenticity

    Handcrafted works of Native American art require special care. For more information about proper care and cleaning, please read our Care Guide.

  • Clifford Fragua of Jemez Pueblo is an internationally acclaimed sculptor known for his graceful work in stone and bronze. He was awarded one of the most prestigious commissions for a sculptor in the United States when he was asked to create a piece representing the state of New Mexico for the National Statuary Hall in the Capitol building in Washington, D.C. His marble statue of Po'pay, the leader of the Pueblo Revolt of 1680, is the only work by a Native American artist in the collection.

    Stone is Fragua’s preferred medium. He sees it as an honest and pure material combining basic elements of the earth, allowing him to express the spirit of the Pueblo people. He honors tradition in all of his work, choosing themes that represent and reflect his pride in Pueblo culture.

    Fragua comes from a family of famed artists, and his mother, Juanita, and sisters, Glendora and Betty Jean, are highly respected Pueblo potters. He attended the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe in the 1970s, where he studied with legendary Apache sculptor Allen Houser. Fragua has won awards from Heard Indian Market, Santa Fe Indian Market, the Wheelwright Museum, and the Native American Artist Invitational. His sculptures appear at the Albuquerque International Airport, and in many other public locations. In 2005 he was named Indian Artist of the Year by the Indian Arts and Crafts Association. See Featured Artist Page

  • Clifford Fragua’s preferred medium is stone, which he sees as an honest and pure material combining basic elements of the earth, allowing him to express the spirit of the Pueblo people. He honors tradition in all of his work, choosing themes that represent and reflect his pride in Pueblo culture. Native Americans have a deep connection to and respect for the natural world, and their reverence for nature deeply influences their art.
  • For centuries Native American artists have been creating sculptures and fetishes for sacred and ceremonial use. For the Pueblo people, these were often figurines created from stone, wood, or clay. Sculpture using material like alabaster, limestone, and marble is a relatively new art form for Native artists, first practiced in the second half of the 20th century.

    In addition, a growing number of artists are creating beautiful works in glass. In creating their groundbreaking contemporary work, these artists still honor and celebrate their culture by drawing from traditional themes, forms and designs. Many of the most-noted Native American sculptors and glass artists working today have studied at the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe.

    Read our Native American Sculpture and Painting Collector's Guide.
  • At Shumakolowa Native Arts, we guarantee that your purchase is an original and authentic work handcrafted by Native American artists as defined by the Indian Arts and Crafts Act of 1990. We ask our artists to complete an extensive certification process, providing a CIB (Certificate of Degree of Indian Blood) card and other documentation of their Native American heritage. Our team of experts carefully inspects every product to guarantee it is handcrafted using traditional, sustainable processes, and natural materials of only the highest quality. We record the place and date of each purchase, and pride ourselves in paying a fair price that allows artists to make a living practicing their craft.

    Every work of handcrafted art comes with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by an artist or buyer. At a time when many commercially made products are being sold as handcrafted Native American art, our in-depth purchase process allows us to guarantee the authenticity of every unique piece of fine art we offer. For more than 40 years, we have made it a priority to visit artists in their studio or home to purchase their latest handcrafted pieces and learn about their work. We have developed lasting relationships with artists, as well as dealers and collectors, and we take pride in being a trusted destination for fine Native American art.

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