Charlene and Frank Reano Mosaic Bangle Bracelet

Item No: 7684

$ 385.00

  • Charlene and Frank Reano of San Felipe and Santo Domingo have won many awards for their superlative mosaic inlay work. For this one-of-a-kind bangle bracelet they used jet as the base, then inlaid turquoise, lapis, spiny oyster shell, jet, and mother of pearl to create a vibrant mosaic. Charlene and Frank are known for their innovative designs, beginning with the ancient art of mosaic inlay and bringing it in a new dimension in today's contemporary world.

    • Bangle bracelet handcrafted by Charlene and Frank Reano (Santo Domingo/San Felipe)
    • Multi Stone
    • Inlay
    • Wrist size 7 ½”
    • Comes with a signed Certificate of Authenticity

    Handcrafted works of Native American art require special care. For more information about proper care and cleaning, please read our Care Guide.

  • Charlene Reano of San Felipe is married to Frank Reano of Santo Domingo Pueblo. Charlene and Frank are well known for creating inlaid earrings and bracelets, and necklaces that have the appearance of intricate, colorful tiles -- a mosaic of rich color and pattern. The type of inlay work created by Charlene and Frank has a revered history dating back to their Anasazi ancestors. Stunning earrings and pendants have been unearthed from ancient dwellings -- extraordinary pieces made by patient hands one thousand years ago. Charlene says, "My inspiration stems from the jewelry worn during the traditional dances. I take pride in my work and strive to continue to grow in my designs and within my own spirit." Charlene's intricate work has been recognized with ribbons and awards at Eight Northern Pueblo and the prestigious Santa Fe Indian Market.
  • Many Native American jewelry artists working today are inspired by the interplay between traditional and contemporary styles. In their work they feel it is important to honor their history, heritage and culture, including the art forms and techniques passed down through generations of Pueblo families. By mixing and matching techniques, materials and themes that are contemporary and traditional, they create inspiring work that has made the modern Native American art world extremely vibrant.
  • Mosaic inlay jewelry is a signature style of Santo Domingo/San Felipe jewelers. Artists create mosaic inlay by attaching tiny gemstone tiles to a shell base, forming colorful and unique patterns. The technique can be traced back to early forms of jewelry unearthed at Anasazi sites throughout the Southwest, and many artists model their inlay designs after these early artifacts. Angie Reano Owen is credited with reviving the tradition of inlaid jewelry in Santo Domingo Pueblo in the 1970s, and today Santo Domingo/San Felipe mosaic inlay is one of the jewelry styles most sought after by collectors of Native American art.

    Read our Native American Jewelry Collector's Guide.
  • At Shumakolowa Native Arts, we guarantee that your purchase is an original and authentic work handcrafted by Native American artists as defined by the Indian Arts and Crafts Act of 1990. We ask our artists to complete an extensive certification process, and to provide a CIB (Certificate of Degree of Indian Blood) card and other documentation of their Native American heritage. Our team of experts carefully inspects every product to guarantee it is handcrafted using traditional, sustainable processes and natural materials of only the highest quality. We record the place and date of each purchase and pride ourselves in paying a fair price that allows artists to make a living practicing their craft. Every work of handcrafted art comes with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by an artist or buyer. At a time when many commercially-made products are being sold as handcrafted Native American art, our in-depth purchase process allows us to guarantee the authenticity of every unique piece of fine art we offer. For more than 35 years, we have made it a priority to visit artists in their studio or home to purchase their latest handcrafted pieces and learn about their work. We have developed lasting relationships with artists, as well as dealers and collectors, and we take pride in being a trusted destination for fine Native American art.
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