Black Dragonfly Beanie

Item No: 10714

$ 22.00


  • The dragonfly is a symbol of healing, transformation, and new beginnings. These special beings speak to the thunder and clouds to bring moisture and gifts of blessings to the people. Shumakolowa (pronounced shoo-muh-KOH-lo-wa), our namesake, is the Zuni word for dragonfly.

    From petroglyphs to pottery and beyond, Pueblo tradition is rich in symbols whose meanings can be as layered and diverse as the region’s history. We honor these symbols and the people who created them by honoring what they signify, and conscientiously including them in respectful designs.

    This stylish beanie features an 11" Fine Knit weave, one size fits most, and offers and adjustable roll-up for added coverage and warmth.
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