Erik Fender Pueblo Morning All Occasion Gift Set

Item No: 8921

$ 30.00


  • Give the enchanting gift of New Mexico flavor and style for any occasion with a Shumakolowa Native Arts exclusive! This unique cafe-style ceramic mug is a replica of a single beautiful clay pot handcrafted by award-winning San Ildefonso Pueblo potter Erik Fender.

    Fender hand-coiled and sculpted the original according to age-old methods and fired it using San Ildefonso's characteristic outdoor kiln and smothering technique, which produces the piece's rich black color. He then added his own personal touches in the form of turquoise accents. While the original clay piece is already at home in a permanent collection, this replica is a great gift idea and a meaningful way to bring traditional Pueblo pottery designs into your everyday life.

    A 1.5 oz bag of New Mexico Piñon Coffee adds the unique flavor of the high desert to complete this memorable gift set.