A Tattoo On My Heart

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  • A Tattoo On My Heart: The Warriors of Wounded Knee commemorates the 30th anniversary of the dramatic siege of 1973, through the words of the American Indian men and women who struggled for survival inside the bunkers and ravines of South Dakota's Pine Ridge Reservation. The film uses contemporary interviews and historical archival images to tell the story of the historic standoff between American Indian Movement activist and federal agents on South Dakota’s Pine Ridge Reservation.

    • Director/Writer: Charles Abourezk, Brett Lawlor
    • Format: DVD
    • Studio: Badlands Films

    • Release Date: 2005
    • Run Time: 56 minutes
  • Charles Abourezk is a lawyer, author and filmmaker known for A Tattoo on My Heart: The Warriors of Wounded Knee 1973 (2005), Lakota Woman: Siege at Wounded Knee (1994) and The Canary Effect (2006).
  • By the early 1970s, racism and violence against American Indians, as well as the corruption and repression of traditional people, had left many desperate. In response, American Indian leaders staged a protest in 1973 at the symbolic site of the 1890 massacre at Wounded Knee, where nearly 300 unarmed Lakota men, women and children were killed. Fearing a takeover of tribal headquarters, federal authorities, armed with modern weapons and machinery moved to protect the tribal government. The standoff, which lasted for 72 days, ended peacefully, but resulted in the loss of two American Indians and the wounding of several others.
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