Isleta (Tue-i)

Established in the 1300s, Isleta Pueblo has long been one of the largest Pueblos communities, with a current population of more than 3,000. It is located in the Rio Grande Valley fifteen miles south of Albuquerque at what was once an important crossroads of Pueblo and Spanish trade routes. The town was a central gathering place for people from surrounding villages and a cultural capital for other Tiwa-speaking communities. By the 19th century, Isleta was a prosperous farming community with a wide trading network. Today, the Pueblo of Isleta remains a traditional society with people still speaking Tiwa and participating in the yearly cycle of ceremonial events. They continue to observe traditional practices in their homes. In recent years, the Pueblo has experienced a pottery revival with many artists creating high-quality handcrafted pottery in both traditional and contemporary styles. Isleta artists are also known for embroidery, sculpture and jewelry-making.