Canyon Trilogy Deluxe Platinum Edition

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  • Using digital technology, R. Carlos Nakai creates the sound of the cedar flute echoing in the canyons and valleys of the vast Southwest. His twenty two free flowing compositions soothe the spirit and carry the listener to the far realms of the imagination. The album was recently awarded a certified Platinum Record in 2015, the first ever awarded for a Native American music album. This Platinum Deluxe Edition has 5 previously unreleased tracks. 

    • Artist: R. Carlos Nakai
    • Format: Audio CD
    • Number of discs: 1
    • Original release date: 1989
    • Label: Canyon Records
  • Of Navajo-Ute heritage, R. Carlos Nakai is the world's premier performer of the Native American flute. Nakai's first album, Changes, was released by Canyon Records in 1983, and since then he has released over thirty-five albums with Canyon plus additional albums and guest appearances on other labels. Nakai sees himself as iconoclastic traditionalist, viewing his cultural heritage as a source and inspiration, as well as a dynamic continuum of natural change, growth, and adaptation subject to the artist's expressive needs. In addition to playing the flute in its traditional role as a solo instrument, Nakai has also collaborated with top jazz and classical musicians.

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  • R. Carlos Nakai is a prolific and inventive artist with more than 35 albums to his name. On this best-selling album he performs solo on a cedar flute with a subtle echo added to give the effect of playing in the valleys and canyons of the Southwest. All of the songs are original compositions inspired by his Native American heritage while also building upon it, giving these songs a sound that is both traditional and contemporary. Known for its distinctive sound, the Native American flute produces music that is plaintive, soulful and haunting. In Native American cultures the flute is seen as a tool of healing and a means of connecting with one’s environment, and this album is an incredible introduction to the beauty of the instrument and the power of Nakai’s work.
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