Summer Solstice Native American Art

Summer Solstice by David O. Riley, Laguna Pueblo and Hopi 1997 

“Summer Solstice” represents how we as Pueblo People determine the time of the summer solstice when ceremonies are planned to appeal for rain and abundance of plants and animals.  The spiral symbolizes the path of the sun and also resembles a helix representing the DNA of all life. It also symbolizes life experience. The “V” represents the Summer Solstice and the horizontal element represents the continuation of family through the generations.

The steel sculptures (Winter and Summer Solstice) were originally dedicated on June 21, 1997 at the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center and were funded by monies from a silent auction of the Marguerite “Marty” Drum Estate.

"Life, culture, and creativity is flourishing at solstice. Now is the time to be firing, picking for baskets, and weaving”

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