Santa Ana (Tamaya)

The Santa Ana Pueblo people have occupied their current site in central New Mexico 16 miles northwest of Albuquerque since at least the late 1500s. Like other Pueblos, this Keresan-speaking people believe their ancestors originated from a subterranean world to the north, and their original ancestral village was built against a mesa wall on the north bank of the Jemez River, a place potters return to each year for gathering clay. The annual cycle of life at Santa Ana continues to be tied to the solar calendar and agricultural and hunting seasons. The Pueblo has close ties and a tradition of cultural exchange with nearby Zia and San Felipe Pueblos. Since the early 1980s the Pueblo has pursued a strategy of developing tribal enterprises, seeing economic independence as a key factor in preserving traditional concepts and values. Today it is known for its spirit of entrepreneurship, with businesses offering tribally grown blue corn products, traditional apparel, plants and food, as well as a hotel and golf courses. The Santa Ana people began to revive their ancient arts during the 1970s when interest grew in Native American art.Today there are a handful of artists creating traditional jewelry, pottery, ceremonial clothing and embroidery.

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