Sandia (Na-Fiat)

Sandia is a Tiwa-speaking Pueblo located just north of Albuquerque in the Rio Grande Valley on a site the Sandia people have resided in since 1300 A.D. The spirituality of the Sandia People is drawn from Sandia Mountain, as well as the plants, animals and resources that have ensured their survival in a desert region. Once the largest Pueblo in the area with over 3000 people, Sandia Pueblo currently hasjust 500 members. Today the people of Sandia have a number of successful commercial endeavors and also continue to farm and raise livestock along the Rio Grande. One of Sandia Pueblo’s attractions is the 107-acre buffalo preserve established to promote the resurgence of the American Bison, an animal that was nearly hunted to extinction in the 1800s. As a result of efforts like these, buffalo are now thriving in herds across the West.

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