Green Turquoise Native American Jewelry

For thousands of years, turquoise’s deep blue-green hues have lent their beauty to jewelry and spiritual carvings. The Pueblo, Navajo, and Apache tribes all cherish turquoise as a sacred gift that brings blessings to the wearer, particularly good health and life-giving rain. Although turquoise deposits are found in a handful of arid regions around the globe, it remains a preciously rare stone and a beloved icon of the Southwest.

Turquoise’s striking color ranges from a brilliant blue to apple-green or even lime-green depending on its proportions of minerals like copper, aluminum, and zinc. The Southwest in particular is home to rare green turquoise, which derives its hue from the same iron that tints our landscapes red. In the hands of skilled Native lapidaries and silversmiths, turquoise of all colors is transformed into delicate beads, inlays, and centerpiece stones for jewelry to fit every taste, from rings, bracelets, and earrings to necklaces and pins.

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