Native American Pueblo Dragonfly Artwork

Our name, Shumakolowa, comes from the Zuni word for dragonfly and is pronounced “Shoe-mu-koh-low-wa.” The dragonfly is an important animal for the Pueblo people of New Mexico and other tribes of the Southwest. These special creatures are seen as messengers, speaking to the thunder and clouds to bring moisture and blessings to the people. The Dragonfly is represented in all five Pueblo languages:

Da-Wah-ga (Dah-wah-gah) Keresan
P’oetsidéh (Poh-See-Day) Tewa
Tdah-She-Khoda (Tdah-she-coda) Tiwa
Ba’ahwha (Bah-ah-wah) Towa
Shumak’olo:wa (Shoe-mu-koh-low-wa) Zuni

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