Charlene Reano of San Felipe Pueblo is married to Frank Reano of Santo Domingo Pueblo. They are well-known for creating inlaid earrings and bracelets, and necklaces that have the appearance of intricate, colorful tiles – a mosaic of rich colors and patterns.

The type of inlay work created by the Reanos have a revered history dating back to their Ancestral Puebloan (formerly referred to as Anasazi) ancestors. Stunning earrings and pendants have been unearthed from ancient dwellings – extraordinary pieces made by patient hands a thousand years ago.

Charlene says, "My inspiration stems from the jewelry worn during the traditional dances. I take pride in my work, and strive to continue to grow in my designs, and within my own spirit."

Charlene's intricate work has been recognized with ribbons and awards at Eight Northern Indian Pueblos Arts and Craft Show, and the prestigious Santa Fe Indian Market.

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