Taos Pueblo Round Dance Songs Volume 1

Item No: 1434

$ 17.99

  • Recorded live on the mountain behind Taos Pueblo, this unique album presents a variety of Taos Pueblo round dance singing. Round dance is a traditional social dance which has been popular at Taos Pueblo since the early 1900s. This CD consist of 16 songs, ten of which were composed by three of the singers present during the recording. The songs represent music and traditions which are very rarely shared with people outside of the Pueblo.

    • Artists: Joe Luis Mirabal, John A. Mirabal, John C. Romero, Manuel Sandy, Jerry G. Lujan
    • Format: Audio CD
    • Number of discs: 1
    • Original release date: 1987
    • Label: Indian House
  • This album was recorded by Taos Pueblo artists who carry on the musical traditions passed down to them from their ancestors. In many Native American cultures, these musicians play a role in traditional ceremonies that serve as prayers for blessings and rain. Their music is appreciated around the world for its unique and beautiful sound and its role in preserving an important cultural legacy.
  • Round dance is a traditional social dance which has been popular at Taos Pueblo since the early 1900s. It is also popular among many Plains tribes as well as in urban Indian centers across the United States. Many of the round dance songs sung across the country today were originally composed at Taos Pueblo, some as far back as 50 or 60 years ago. Round dance singing at Taos Pueblo is a unique style which is strongly tied to the Taos Pueblo language. Even though there are no words in the songs, the subtle tonal nuances and melodic shadings in the singing of these songs can only come from a group of singers who all fluently speak their native language.
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